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Be Prepared For the New Rules of Search

Persuasive website content keeps your visitors coming back, sharing your content and staying longer. They'll love you, they'll listen to you and they'll buy from you more often!

Look at all you'll get with the Stealth Persuasion Copy Workshops

Plus these very cool bonuses!

 A one-on-one website content, sales letter or opt-in video critique. ($197 value)

  The 166 page Stealth Persuasion Ebook.  ($17 value)

  plus all the fun you'll have making more money!

Get $1000 worth of Colin's time and training for simply:


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Stealth Persuasion Copywriting System
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These series of workshops will be one of the most important sessions you'll ever attend.

The new Rules of Search are coming fast... will you be ready?

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